I chose the picture of the butterflies because they capture freedom in my heart.  The butterfly’s transformation is so inspiring to me.  The emerging caterpillar into a cocoon then into a butterfly represents freedom.  It represents new life.

The caterpillar continues to eat, during it’s life, never satisfied.  It is always looking for more.  Hmm……never satisfied.  Oh how that describes the majority of us.  I no longer wanted to live the way I had before.  A dear friend introduced me to the truth about Jesus.  As I came to know Him, my life began to be renewed.  Just as the caterpillar changes into a butterfly, my life was transforming into what God wanted my life to look like.  Not all at once of course, we are in constant transformation.

Before we know the truth we tend to inch around, clinging to the ways of the world. But still wondering to ourselves, “Is there more?”   And the journey begins, trusting in the creator of the universe.  It doesn’t come as an explosion.  God speaks to us through His own creation.  He speaks to us through His word.  He speaks to us through other people, even children and our pets.  There are so many wonderful things to learn! Are you looking around?  Are you listening? Are you reading what He has to say?  Stop and be quiet.  The business of life can get you to miss the great opportunities & peace that God has to offer you. 🙂

Written by Debbie

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